Friday, December 10, 2010

A Thanksgiving Injury

So this isn't about anything I made, other than an ass of myself. I'm a total clutz, particularly in the kitchen and I've managed to burn myself in all sorts of strange and weird places. Have you seen the title of the blog?! I thought I'd share this one. This one is due to me reaching into the oven to get a sweet potato wonton and hitting my hand on the top burner. It was totally worth it though.

(Like four days post actually burning myself)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

There's at least cake in the name

I realize that there hasn't been just a whole lot of cakes here lately, but this is sorta close. The hubbin's boss at TCTMNBN had a birthday a while back and I got word that she's a big cheesecake fan. So I made her a chocolate cheesecake. Bittersweet chocolate, real Oreo crust (couldn't find the ready-made crumbs at the store so I ended up separating and crushing the cookies myself), and white chocolate topping. I think this may be the recipe I used, but honestly, it's been a while. I heard it went over well.

I even requested a piece of the cheesecake make its way back home so I could have some.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The food that made my momma puke

So yes, she totally did puke after eating these, but I ate half of them and ended up fine so I don't know what her issue was. I thought they were good.

I've toyed with the idea of scones in the past, but it sounded scary. But then I finally looked at a recipe and found out that this is probably the easiest thing to bake ever created. In honor of the holidays I opted for White Chocolate and Cranberry Scones. My little brother and I added some melted white chocolate to the top of the scones. I'll definately make them again (even though the hubbin turned his nose up at them because he "doesn't like cranberries").

And yes, this is a terrible photo. It happens. We've talked before about my photo abilities and my lack of a real camera over Thanksgiving anyway.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

More Deep Fried Food

The sopapillas weren't the only deep fried food I made over Thanksgiving. My little brother is an idiot savant when it comes to cooking. He comes up with all sorts of ideas, but this time he had me there to actually carry them out. His bright idea? Sweet potato wontons.

Now I know this sounds strange, but they were SO DANG GOOD! Of course I can't just link to a recipe this time, but we were just winging it as we went anyway. Baked a couple sweet potatoes and toasted some pecan pieces. Then mixed the sweet potatoes with cream cheese, cinnamon, salt, the pecans, and a hit of cayenne pepper. Then we put the sweet potato mixture and a mini marshmallow into a wonton wrapper. Of course the HEB (one of only two grocery stores in town and my mother has announced quite loudly her reasons for not shopping at Wal-Mart) was out of wontons, but they did have egg roll wrappers so we just cut those into smaller squares. Seal up the sides of the wrapper and deep fry until golden brown. Then dust with cinnamon and sugar.

HOLY CRAP!!! These were totally amazing and addicting and even reheated the next day pretty easily. The only shot I got of them (again, with the cell phone):

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Texan Thanksgiving

The hubbin and I got to go home this year for Thanksgiving and unlike 90% of the rest of the U.S., I didn't eat a bit of Turkey. Which is just fine with me. My Mom's family had fajitas and my in-laws had barbque. A real Texas Thanksgiving.

I have to share one of my favorite parts of the holidays. This is why we love my Aunt Linda:

Disclaimer: I didn't take a camera back home with me, so all the pictures from Thanksgiving are taken with my cell phone.

I ended up not baking for this meal, but I did supply the quintessential Tex-Mex dessert: Sopapillas! Is there anything better than deep-fried, dusted with cinnamon and sugar, and then filled with butter and honey goodness?
 These are actually surprisingly easy to make. All it takes is a few easy baking ingredients and a big pot of some HOT oil. And honey, of course. There are lots of recipes that call for yeast, but that's too fussy in my book. Just some Crisco and baking powder are really all that is needed. I used this one. The secret is the oil must be really hot to get them to puff up just right so that you have a big hole to fill with honey.

Or just dump the honey on top. That works too.